Business Listing

What kind of businesses are eligible to List in Search Indie?

Search Indie is a platform for Listing Indian Businesses in Europe. This includes Indian Restaurants, Shops, Events, Yoga Studios, Temples, Indian Dance Schools, Music Schools, Cultural Associations, Regional Associations, Movie Distributors.
If your businesses belong to any of the above category we will be more than happy to list in our platform.

Is there any charge to list businesses in Search Indie Platform?

There is no charge to list businesses in Search Indie Platform.

How do one list their business in Search Indie Platform, what is the process?

Business owner can submit basic information through, Submit Business. Once submitted our team will process the data and list the business, you will be informed once the business is listed.

How can I update information about my business?

Please contact us and send us updated information about your business, we will update it.