Getting an apartment in Sweden is very hard especially in big cities like Stockholm, Gothenberg, Malmö.
The housing crisis has been happening for a very long time as people are moving to cities and more people are arriving for study and work.

Moving from India to Sweden

If you are moving from India or any other country to Sweden, we suggest you these tips.
  • Start the apartment search process 3 month before arrival.
  • Request the employer to provide 1 month of temporary accommodation.
  • If your employer doesn’t provide temporary accommodation look for short term apartments
    • They are mostly cheap
    • Once you land in the city you will have a better understanding of your work locations, kids school/day-care which will help you figure out the best location to rent an apartment.
  • Getting an apartment in City center is very hard and costly so look for outer locations.
  • Main cities like Stockholm, Gothenberg, Malmö are well connected with different modes of transport like Bus, Metro, Short trains , so getting an apartment and reaching your workplace wont be difficult.
  • If you managed to get contact with landlord , always ask for photos or someone local in the city to check the authenticity of the property and the landlord.
Below are the websites that you can use to look for second hand accommodation

Good to Know

  • Never pay any agent before visiting the apartment.
  • Never do wire-transfer of money through Moneygram/Western Union as advance/rent.
  • Always have proper agreement signed with the owner.
  • Make sure that the owner has the approval from the apartment association to rent the property (Some associations wont allow this.)
  • Make sure the apartment is checked properly before renting.
  • If there are some damages/faults make sure you take photos and get is verified/signed with the owner.
  • The interest of loan in cheaper in Sweden, so its better to buy a house than being in rental if you are sure that you are staying in Sweden for long.

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